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All our prices include the following


Hassle free WordPress and theme setup handled completely by our team.


The design is done for you, just browse through our library and choose your favourite template. Our templates are completely responsive and will resize on different devices.

Domain registration

A free domain registration from VE Host is included in your once-off website design fee.

Hosting & Emails

Hosted by VE Host, our super fast (SSD) and reliable hosting division. First 2 months of hosting is free, we also throw in a free SSL certificate.


We offer monthly maintenance packages for those who need content updated after your website has launched.



Need to setup an email address or just have a general query? our friendly support staff are more than happy to assist.


Step 1

Choose your template

Step 2

Payment + content

Step 3

Site development

Step 4

Approval / revisions

Step 5

You’re live!


1. What is a domain name and where can I register one?

A domain name is essentially an ‘address’ which your customers will use to find you online. This is unique and no two domain names can be the same. It is important to check the avaliability of the domain you have in mind (

Once you have placed your order with us we will setup your account with VE Host, our hosting division. The support staff at VE Host will be in touch for any email setup or queries you might have.

2. What is hosting?

Web hosting is a service whereby your website files are saved on a server so it is accessible to everyone via the internet. A server has a particular disc space and each website is allocated a small portion avaliable on that server. Your monthly hosting fee is for the space your website uses on the server.

Once you have placed your order, the first 2 months of hosting is on us, thereafter there will be a minimal monthly fee of between R35 – R45 depending on the size of your hosting package. Annual hosting payments are also an option should you prefer this.

3. I don’t have a hosting company?

VE Host is our hosting division and they provide unparalleled hosting services with the best customer support.

For more information please visit:

4. What hosting packages do you offer?

Most websites will only require a basic 1GB hosting package to begin with.

This includes:

Should you want more detailed information on packages avaliable please head over to VE Hosts website

5. What if i’ve already registered a domain with another hosting company?

Our support staff are more than happy to assist with transferring your domain over to us free of charge, this will give you the added benefit of 2 months free hosting as well as the maintenance benefit. Should you not be able to transfer, we are still able to design your website, we would just require some details from you/your hosting company to access your account.

6. What is meant by website content?

Website content is the information (whether textual or visual) that gets displayed on your website, this is what your customer will read or experience when viewing your site.

Once you have chosen the layout you want to use from our template library, we require a good quality version of your logo (png, vector, PDF format), images as well as the text you want to replace the ‘dummy’ layout text to get the ball rolling on your brand new website! Note that should a section on one of our templates not be needed we can easily remove this for you.

7. What is the best way to send you our content?

All text, logo, images can be sent to us using WeTransfer ( This platform allows free transfer up to a total size of 2GB. Google drive can also be used or email should the file size be small enough.

Please ensure your text is in an editable format (PDF, word) and not a handwritten image that has been scanned in.

8. When you say customise my website what do you mean?

We are able to choose a different colour scheme for you, upload your logo, text and images. Our templates are not industry specific, when browsing rather look at the format and functionality of the site, as images and text can be replaced.

9. What is included in the online store add-on?

Online stores can be added to any template regardless of whether it is in the Basic, Standard or Super category. This can also be added at a later stage.

E-commerce stores enable you to sell a product or service online. We will load 3-5 example products as a reference for when you populate your store. You will also receive a PDF traning guide on the management of your online store (adding products, accepting orders, shipping etc).

Should you want to accept online payments, a Payfast account will need to be created by you (

10. How long can I expect before my website is live?

Once we have received your payment as well as all your content, you can expect to have a draft view of your website within 5-7 working days (this excludes weekends and public holidays).

11. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept online payments through Payfast’s secure gateway as well as EFT bank transfer or ATM deposits (no transactional fees when done via ATM). Please use your order number as a reference and send through proof of payment to

Kindly note we do not accept cash or cheques. Should you decide to make payment using the bank teller facility, an additional service fee of R50 will be charged.

12. Why do we need maintenance?

It is important to keep your WordPress version, theme and plugins all up to date and compatible with one another. This prevents any possible security risks to your site in future.

Should you host with VE Host, updates to the core part of your website will be done automatically. Should you decide to host elsewhere this is unfortunately not included and we cannot be held responsible should updates go wrong.

*Please note that this does not include text, image updates or changes to your website post launch, these will be quoted for separately as this is classified as content updates.

13. What if I need content updated after my website launches?

Not a problem, we have monthly maintenance packages on offer for content updates. These packages are based on the amount of hours required per month and this will ensure your website is up to date at all times.

Kindly note there is a 3 day lead time to schedule content updates in, this excludes weekends and public holidays.

Head over to view our packages:

14. What are your trading hours?

Monday – Friday: 08h00 – 16h00

Weekends and public holidays: Closed

15. Do you do updates to websites?

Should your website be developed by another company or developer we are unfortunately not able to assist with updates. Our maintenance packages only apply to websites which have been developed by us at Vast Exposure.

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Monday to Friday: 08h00 – 16h00